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About El Gendi Group
Elide Fire Middle East & Africa

  • Elide Fire Middle East & Africa ( El Gendi Group ) was established in January of 2016.

  • We are the Exclusive Agent and the Exclusive Legal Representative of Elide Fire in the whole region of Middle East & Africa.

  • Elide Fire Thailand is the owner of the patent and trademark   of (Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls) Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is an innovative solution for automatically extinguishing fires.

  • ِEl Gendi Group is the owner of the patent and trademark         of (El Gendi GR Systems) which is an Electronic system when connected to Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls, it forms a Complete Integrated Automatic Fire Suppression System, which can be connected to the main fire alarm control panel in the site.

  • El Gendi GR Systems are approved by Egypt General Administration for Civil Protection, Egypt National Research Center for Housing & Building (HBRC) & Egypt Armed Forces Engineering Authority.

Brief of Elide Fire Balls:

  • Elide fire Extinguishing balls can be used manually by ordinary people who cannot use traditional fire-extinguishers (especially women, children, the elderly or untrained persons) activated within 3 seconds when the ball touches the flame without the risk of facing the fire directly by throwing, pitching and rolling into fire.

  • Elide fire Extinguishing balls can be used for automatic protection for various types of fire classes (by Local Application). It can be installed above places where there is a risk of a short circuit or ignition of any flammable materials such as solid materials, petroleum, oil, electric or gas materials, or cooking and kitchens materials.

  • Elide fire Extinguishing balls can be used for automatic protection from various types of fire (by total Flooding) in electric panels of various types and sizes and in the server cabinets of control rooms, IT data centers, stores, warehouses.

  • Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls are classified as (Aerosol) according to European Standard EN 16263 accredited by European Certificate CE 1395 & British Laboratory BSI.


Certifications and Accreditations:

  • An international Thai Standard has been issued specially for Fire Extinguishing Balls by Thai International Standard Authority TISI 3413-2565 which is recognized by UL ( USA ), following The International Standard ISO/ICS 13.220.20 specialized for Automatic Fire Fighting Equipment which are safe for individuals.

  • Elide fire Extinguishing Balls in Egypt are approved by the General Administration of Civil Protection in Egypt, Armed Forces Engineering Authority & Housing and building National Research Center of Egypt under The Ministry of Housing.

  • Elide fire Extinguishing Balls in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are approved by Saudi Standard Authority ( SASO ) to be following the European Standard EN 16263.

  • Elide fire balls under European Standard EN 16263 for (Aerosol Generators).

  • Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls are approved by BSI International English Laboratories.

  • Elide fire Extinguishing balls are CE1395 certified, TUV ISO 9001:2015 certified, and European Union environmental protection certified (PZH certificate) as they are completely safe for the environment, humans and animals.

  • The patent and ownership rights of Elide Fire balls are registered in the International Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and the Federal Department of Commerce in the United States of America.

  • Starting From Jan. 2021, we became ( Elide Fire Middle East and Africa ) and all companies located in the Middle East and Africa region can contact us to register as a distributor in their city or country in their region.

  • El Gendi Group is now patent owner of EL Gendi GR Systems (Complete Automatic Aerosol Fire Suppression System integrated with Elide Fire Extinguishing Balls).

Our Vision

  • Leading a safe journey towards a better everyday life in our world, being your first convenient choice to protect your business and family from fire hazards.


  • We are a talented team leads people to a safe life through providing products and innovative solutions to protect them from fire hazards.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: In order to satisfy our customers and the professionalism of our work team.
  • Respect: It is our basic moral standard when dealing with everyone.

  • Teamwork: Within all our activities and operations with each of our partners and shareholders.

  • Integrity: an invaluable asset to our long-term success and full fulfillment of all our commitments.

  • Appreciation: To show our customers how much we care, and to show our team how much we appreciate them.

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